Name Description
Name Description
Everything you always wanted to know about acidising
Paper prepared for the Weald Action Group by Kathryn McWhirter, Revised April 2018
This handbook by former MEP Keith Taylor outlines lessons learned from the (so far) successful campaign to protect Leith Hill from oil and gas drilling. It includes contributions from the Leith Hill Action Group, A Voice for Leith Hill, the Leith Hill Protection Camp and
Far From Gold Standard: The Flawed Regulatory System for Onshore Oil and Gas
Former MEP Keith Taylor set out to test claims that the UK's oil and gas regulations are “among the most robust and stringent in the world.” This report is a shocking catalogue of failings and breaches, showing that oil and gas firms are regularly breaching the conditions placed on them, with little consequence.
Fracking under the radar?

Acidising brings similar risks to fracking – risks to our health and environment, wildlife and farm animals, the air we breathe and potentially the water we drink. Drilling and acidising involve noise, flares, heavy traffic, and use of a range of chemicals whose toxicity in some cases is unknown. Leaflet published by Weald Action Group, 2017.