Support videos for the Supreme Court hearing

Can you make a support video for us? In advance of the Supreme Court hearing on June 21st we’d like to publish a collection of short videos from our supporters about why the case is so important. We know that most people don’t enjoy making ‘selfie’ videos but we would love to hear from local and national residents.

The aim of this is to publicise this important climate issue to a wide audience. It won’t affect the legal outcome.

If you are able and willing, please follow the instructions below, and the summary of our legal argument.

The key points:

The case is about the decision by Surrey County Council to allow 20 years of oil production at Horse Hill in Surrey. Please stick to these points rather than commenting on other issues which aren’t part of the legal case.

  • The main environmental impact from this development — the production of greenhouse gases from the combustion (burning) of the oil produced (eg in transport) — an estimated 10 million tonnes of carbon  — was never assessed.
  • The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) should have included this predictable and significant environmental impact.

Other points you can mention:

  • The law around environment impact assessments (EIA) needs to be clarified.
  • How do we manage and reduce our carbon emissions if we make big decisions like this and don’t count the carbon?

How to make your video:

1) Keep the video to around 30 seconds. Start with: Hi my name is…. I’m from (group and/or location) … And I support Sarah Finch’s legal challenge because… 

2) Shoot the video in landscape [where your phone is held sideways] NOT in portrait [where you phone is held upright].

3) Make it as personal as possible, about how this case affects the things you care about, so we connect with the people watching.

4) Ideally do not read your answer but instead ad lib your answer directly to camera as this eye contact is also important to engage the people watching the video.

5) Shoot it outside / in your garden or in nature somewhere.

6) Check your face is brightly lit rather than in shadow.

7) Ensure you speak loud enough for the phone to pick you up and slowly enough so that the people watching the video can understand you.

8) Ensure you are shooting in a quiet location so that we can hear what you’re saying. Try and smile in your video as this will hopefully make more people want to listen to what you have to say 🙂

When it’s done please send it to where one of our team will work some wizardry and post it on our social media platforms along with others.

Here is a video from Sarah, as an example