Why we don’t need more onshore oil in the UK

The Weald Action Group has published a briefing to counter misinformation from oil and gas companies.

The fully referenced briefing refutes claims that new onshore oil wells are needed to maintain energy security, that UK oil has a lower carbon footprint than imported oil, that onshore oil developments provide local jobs, and that more oil is needed for plastic production.

We hope it will assist planners and decision-makers in assessing applications for new or extended drilling permissions. The briefing also makes recommendations for Mineral Planning Authorities, the Committee on Climate Change and other relevant bodies.

“This excellent report shows that new onshore oil wells in the UK are economically unnecessary as well as being environmentally at odds with the government’s climate rhetoric.”
Professor Paul Ekins, Professor of Resources and Environmental Policy, University College London

Briefing by the Weald Action Group which counters misinformation from the oil industry

Executive Summary of the Weald Action Group briefing Why we don't need more onshore oil in the UK