Dunsfold Planning Inquiry – please object

UK Oil & Gas Plc (UKOG) is appealing against Surrey County Council’s decision from November last year to refuse their application for the exploration and appraisal of fossil fuels  at Loxley in Dunsfold.

The appeal is now open for representations to the Planning Inspectorate – even if you’ve already objected to the proposal. The deadline is April 6th.

Dunsfold briefing for objectors – please use your own words and send in your objection before the deadline.

8 Replies to “Dunsfold Planning Inquiry – please object”

  1. Does UKOG really think that things have changed regarding the climate emergency? Perhaps they need to read Professor Dasgupta’s Gov. report which emphasises the need for Change now. Hopefully the planning committee will uphold their last decision. We must not continue to invest in non renewable energy.

  2. It is unrealistic to search for fossil fuels when we should be actively promoting green alternatives. We should be looking at ways to decrease our carbon emissions not increase them.

  3. I strongly object against any drilling for fossil fuels.
    It is well known that it not only damages the area being drilled but also negatively influences the surrounding area and wildlife.
    Leave the oil in the ground – if there is any – and support renewable energy; even better reduce the need for energy

  4. I totally agree with Surrey County Council’s decision in November to refuse UCOG’s application for the exploration and appraisal of fossil fuels at Loxley in Dunsford.
    We should be promoting green alternatives not adding more to our carbon footprint.

  5. Since this application was first submitted, the case against it has only grown stronger. Thanks to Weald Action Group for this guide and to all the excellent campaigners against fossil fuel drilling locally and nationally!

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