Crowdfunder launched for legal challenge
against UK Oil and Gas Injunction

Weald Action Group and the six local campaigners who are challenging the UK Oil and Gas (UKOG) injunction have launched their crowdfunder to pay for their legal costs.

Ann, Sue, Natasha, Constance, Vicki and Jacqui have courageously stepped forward to fight this High Court injunction.  This injunction could stop the right to peaceful protest and prevent us from raising awareness of the new risky methods of oil and gas drilling and the industrialisation of our beautiful countryside.

Can you please pledge to support them? It doesn’t matter as to the amount. EVERY BIT HELPS.

These type of injunctions are draconian in its chilling effect, and counter to the right to assembly and the right to freedom of expression. There is already criminal law to deal with any unlawful activities, and this injunction should have no part in defining what is legal and what is not. It is a blatant attack on our human rights.

If this injunction is granted it could also serve as a precedent for other oil and companies here and around the country. It should be fiercely resisted and we need to raise funds for our legal costs to fight this.

Please do share on your social media as this helps us so much.

We are all in this together and we can’t do any of this without your support. So please donate now and help to stop this injunction.

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Weald Action Group is a strategic umbrella group for local campaign groups against acidisation and all forms of extreme energy extraction across the Weald in the South East of England. Members aim to skill-share, develop expert working groups, create tool-kits for campaigning/raising awareness of acidisation, present and meet on focused topics relevant to the Weald and encourage inter-group networking.