10 tonnes of CO2 per day in Surrey gas plan – please object

Environment Agency is consulting on plans to produce grey hydrogen from the Albury gas site in Surrey (near Guildford) – leading to a big increase in emissions.

IGas wants to vary its current environmental permit at the site to use the gas it’s been producing at the site for some years to produce grey hydrogen (grey is when any harmful emissions aren’t captured and stored).  WAG is objecting to this application and is asking you to write in too. The deadline is July 6th and – although it sounds technical – there are some very straightforward points you can make, in your own words.

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“Unbelievable” Government decision to allow new gas site in Surrey

The decision by a Government Minister to allow prospecting for gas at Dunsfold in Surrey is “unbelievable” and “disappointing”.
Responding to the announcement by the Minister of State for Housing, Stuart Andrew MP, on behalf of the Secretary of State regarding the decision to allow the appeal for UK Oil & Gas to drill for hydrocarbons in Dunsfold, Surrey, James Knapp from the Weald Action Group said: 
“We are deeply disappointed by today’s Government decision to give the go ahead for UK Oil & Gas to drill for fossil fuels in Dunsfold. The application was twice rejected by Surrey County Council and was also opposed by local councils.
“Even if the site is proven commercially viable it will take years for new gas production to come on stream so it will do nothing to alleviate the current energy price crisis. Indeed, the UK’s Committee on Climate Change has stated that ‘Any increase in UK extraction of oil and gas would have, at most, a marginal effect on the prices faced by UK consumers in the future’.

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