“Unbelievable” Government decision to allow new gas site in Surrey

The decision by a Government Minister to allow prospecting for gas at Dunsfold in Surrey is “unbelievable” and “disappointing”.
Responding to the announcement by the Minister of State for Housing, Stuart Andrew MP, on behalf of the Secretary of State regarding the decision to allow the appeal for UK Oil & Gas to drill for hydrocarbons in Dunsfold, Surrey, James Knapp from the Weald Action Group said: 
“We are deeply disappointed by today’s Government decision to give the go ahead for UK Oil & Gas to drill for fossil fuels in Dunsfold. The application was twice rejected by Surrey County Council and was also opposed by local councils.
“Even if the site is proven commercially viable it will take years for new gas production to come on stream so it will do nothing to alleviate the current energy price crisis. Indeed, the UK’s Committee on Climate Change has stated that ‘Any increase in UK extraction of oil and gas would have, at most, a marginal effect on the prices faced by UK consumers in the future’.

“The best way to protect consumers against rising energy prices is to rapidly increase renewable electricity generation, invest in energy storage and drastically improve the energy efficiency of our homes. Continued investment in fossil fuels will not only perpetuate our dependence upon them, continuing our exposure to uncertain and fluctuating global oil and gas prices; but, in the absence of a global cap on extraction, will contribute to the climate emergency already affecting millions of people around the world.
“With the commitments made to tackle climate change at COP26 still ringing in their ears it is unbelievable that the Government has allowed this appeal.”
UK Oil and Gas had appealed against the refusal of their plans by Surrey County Council. A planning inquiry was held last year.

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  1. I think it is dreadful that the Government are allowing this. There is so much evidence that Fracking is bad. Land is precious in the UK, it is a small country with a high population so we need to treat the land with respect not ruin it. When I was young 90% of the Food requirements could be provided by the UK, now it is only 60% with Farmers selling up to developers. The more food we can produce on our precious land the less it needs to travel and less fuel needed to transport it. Fracking has been proven to cause earthquakes and the chemicals used could poison the water table. We are already having to live with enough toxicity in our environment. The only thing more important than Water is air.
    The UK Reform Party announced their policies today trying to entice people with promises of tax cuts etc and sent me an e-mail, but the last point was they wanted to do Fracking. I replied to Geoff Townley saying that I didn’t like that aspect of their policies and why. I wasn’t rude, but thought they may be interested in why someone wouldn’t vote for them, well his reply was shocking and to say rude was an understatement. He more or less called me stupid because I didn’t agree with Fracking. He couldn’t accept that I had a different opinion to him without resorting to being rude, he even got his facts wrong saying that he was happy that I was in the minority, with website research I realise that is so untrue. He said that he was sorry that I couldn’t see the folly in my thinking, so basically I’m stupid. Needless to say I have unsubscribed from their e-mails and told him that I would never vote for a party with such unprofessional leaders and who support Fracking. So please avoid the UK Reform party at all costs if you are against Fracking and tell your friends.

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