Dr Emily Grossman at Horse Hill

“We need to act now – urgently – to bring greenhouse emissions down to net zero. Not by 2050 but as fast as humanly possible, in fact faster, in order to prevent catastrophic and irreversible changes to our climate that are going to result in devastating impacts on our planet and cause incalculable suffering and loss of life.

“Scientists have been raising the alarm [about climate change] for over 40 years and nothing has actually been done. Simply telling the facts impartially is what we have been trained to do. But scientists are now stepping out of their research labs and from behind their desks…. We have an obligation to humanity to come out onto the streets and take action.”

Dr Emily Grossman, molecular biologist, geneticist and co-founder of Scientists for Extinction Rebellion, at the Horse Hill Rebel Alliance’s ‘Climate Emergency’ demonstration at the Horse Hill oil site on 26 October.


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