Green MEP visits Horse Hill protection camp

Alex Phillips, the Green MEP for South East England, visited Horse Hill on 11 January to meet with campaigners and hear about the campaign to stop the expansion of oil drilling in the South East.

Alex said: “It was a pleasure to meet with campaigners at the Horse Hill protection camp and lend my support to their tireless efforts to protect this area and other sites across the South East from dangerous unconventional oil and gas extraction.

“As an MEP I’ve been working to further a Green New Deal that would eliminate the need for fossil fuels and would provide jobs and industries that delivery a safer, cleaner and healthier future. We don’t need to drill Horse Hill, and I urge the campaigners to keep up their amazing work to ensure we don’t.”

Alex Phillips MEP and campaigners at the gates of the Horse Hill oil site, January 2020

Photos © Horse Hill Protection Group



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