Horse Hill fundraiser kicks off with a 1,000-mile sponsored cycle ride

Surrey resident Sarah Finch is taking her legal challenge over Horse Hill oil to the Court of Appeal. To do this, she needs to raise an extra £25,000 for legal fees and court costs – and the Weald Action Group is supporting her all the way.

Campaigners from across the south-east are helping with a series of fundraising initiatives which kick off this month. First up, two campaigners, Simon and Sam, are embarking on a 1,000-mile bike ride from Kingston to Barcelona to help with raising funds and awareness for the campaign ahead.  You can Sponsor Simon and Sam here.

Sam and Simon are cycling 1,000 miles for the Horse Hill oil challenge

Simon and Sam say their trip has two aims:

  1. To highlight the dangers of oil and gas exploration, with special attention on the Horse Hill site in Surrey – as success here using unconventional methods to extract “tight” shale oil would open up the whole of the Weald to unconventional oil exploration – and to raise money for the legal challenge to stop it
  2. To envision and push for an immediate future that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels; one that embraces alternate forms of transport, particularly cycling, and moves away from burning fossil fuels and towards renewable energy

Simon and Sam are following the guidance in England and Spain to make sure the ride is COVID-safe, and have changed their route due to restrictions on Brits entering France.

Starting this Saturday (3 July), they cycle from Kingston to Portsmouth, via Horse Hill and Brighton, taking the ferry to Santander in Spain. Their route will be to ride west to Santiago de Compostela, looping back across the centre of the country through Burgos, finishing in Barcelona. They will be visiting sustainable communities and renewable energy projects along the way, and posting updates on their Facebook page.

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Follow their progress on Facebook:

Read more about the Appeal and the fundraising campaign

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