Anger at Surrey oil drilling ‘hypocrisy’

“A case in the Court of Appeal is threatening to overshadow the prime minister’s attempts in Glasgow next month to convince world leaders to sign up to more ambitious targets to reduce their fossil fuel emissions.”

That’s not campaigners talking, but that bastion of the English Establishment, The Times newspaper.

In a powerful article, the paper points out the hypocrisy of the government defending the decision by Surrey County Council to allow the drilling of four new oil wells and possible production of three million tonnes of oil at Horse Hill, just days after the COP26 climate summit concludes.

It quotes Dave Timms, Head of Political Affairs at Friends of the Earth, who said, “It’s the height of hypocrisy for the government to claim to be a climate leader on the global stage while piling into court to defend a decision to allow millions of barrels of oil to be drilled out of the Surrey countryside. They need to withdraw from this case, now.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Unfortunately, the article is only available to Times subscribers. If you’re one of those, you can read it here:

The Weald Action Group has supported Sarah Finch, the claimant in this case, with fundraising for legal fees. Thanks to the generosity of many local organisations and individuals, Sarah has almost met her target. An auction will be launched later this month to raise the small amount that remains.

Read more about the legal challenge



4 Replies to “Anger at Surrey oil drilling ‘hypocrisy’”

  1. Remember your promise for clean green energy. Fracking is wrong bad for the climate , nature what’s the point of cop 21 . Fracking is so not the future.

  2. How typical ! It may be Surrey council acting on behalf of rich corporations instead of the local people who elected it (lesson to be leart there isn’t there?), but hypocrisy flows down from the top in this country. Truly Boris is not only the king of lies but also the Duke of duplicity.
    It’s not only the country he and his paymasters are destroying but the countryside itself.
    Let’s show the egotistical maniac up for who he really is !!

    1. Hi Maria, the Weald Action Group doesn’t organise protests. You could sign up for email updates from Frack Free Surrey at:

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