Acid stimulation: Fracking by stealth continues despite moratorium – report from Brockham Oil Watch

The international journal Energy Policy has published an article titled Acid stimulation: Fracking by stealth continues despite the moratorium in England, co-authored by Adriana Zalucka of Weald Action Group member Brockham Oil Watch, David Smythe, Emeritus Professor of Geophysics at the University of Glasgow, and Alice Goodenough of Harrison Grant Solicitors.  

The article’s key highlights are:

  • The legal definition of fracking is too limited in scope.
  • Acid stimulation is excluded despite the environmental harm involved.
  • Regulators have failed to grapple with ambiguities and inconsistencies.
  • The 2019 moratorium is ambiguous and fails to remedy the issue for many affected communities.
  • It proposes a new definition of unconventional hydrocarbon extraction, which is scientifically robust.

Brockham Oil Watch said, “Our definition and proposals for implementation will close the existing loophole in the current phase of hydrocarbon exploration and production in England, which targets mainly unconventional oil and gas, but which the operators are pursuing under the guise of conventional activities.

“To meet climate change concerns, the 2019 moratorium should be converted into a ban. In the interim, we argue that, in order to comply with the government’s policy of ensuring safe and sustainable operations, the moratorium should be extended to all well stimulation treatments for unconventional hydrocarbon extraction, including acid stimulation.”

The article can be accessed and downloaded until 27 May here.

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