Tribute to campaigner Max Rosenberg

Campaigners from Brockham Oil Watch, Horse Hill and Keep Kirdford and Wisborough Green, with Max Rosenberg

We pay tribute to Max Rosenberg, whose funeral was held today at the Clandon Wood natural burial site in Surrey. This is a message from the Weald Action Group, A Voice for Leith Hill, Brockham Oil Watch and the Horse Hill campaign.

Max was a stalwart of the campaign to stop fossil fuel expansion across Surrey. He has our ever lasting gratitude.  He was resolute in fighting proposals to drill for oil in the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on Leith Hill – a battle that lasted nearly 10 years. In the end the campaigners won and thanks to Max for the huge part he played in the campaign and with the Leith Hill Action Group, the area remains unspoiled, beautiful and tranquil.

After that Max resolved that the drilling wouldn’t go ahead anywhere else in the licence area – which in the end led to the licence being surrendered. He went on to help Brockham Oil Watch stop the expansion of drilling in the village.

Max’s skilful, caring, respectful and empathetic approach drew together people in common cause who might not otherwise naturally work together.

Max knew a wide range of people and organisations to alert to the impacts of fossil fuels and regularly spoke at many awareness raising events.  He was quiet, assured and very polite but don’t let that fool you.   He was dogged and determined and often managed to obtain information others of us failed to do.  And he didn’t overlook those who had helped him.  He was a gentle man and he’ll be sorely missed.

We owe Max our gratitude not just for the practical work he did but for the inspiration he provided to so many others. He left a real legacy in the contribution he made to saving our beautiful countryside from harm and to recognising that we need to do everything we can to stop climate change. Thank you Max.


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